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Friday 3 July 2009

Show me the lolly!

Oooh, its a bit hot! Summer IS officially here and us ladies at Domestic Sluttery, well, we do love having a suck on a good lolly. We also love rockets. We've found a way to combine these passions and also pay homage to the 1980s. Looky looky!

This totally brilliant ice lolly mould set is from Rocked Out and is £11.99. Just think of all that money you'll save by getting this (saving lolly by making lolly! Its ingenious!).

And even we are officially grown up we can make cocktail versions! Just pop your favourite cocktail in, or maybe add a dash of vodka/gin to an orange one. Think how great a Pimms version would look! I am aware that I am getting incredibly excited about ice lollies right now. I haven't been this excited about lollies for at least a month .


  1. You can get 6 for £9.99 from Lakeland -

    I heart Lakeland - I'm currently lusting after their Tala icing bag set - it comes in such a cute little tin!

  2. Oooh great tip! Love finding things that little bit cheaper!


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