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Monday 20 July 2009

Summer-must have? The humble umbrella.ella.ella.

Well it looks like Summer's must-have accessory is......the brolly. It's quite depressing isn't it! Most of us end up owning brollies after we get caught out and then have to run into the nearest Boots and end up snaffling the closest black umbrella shaped object we can find (whilst simultaneously tying to avoid those hideous Winnie the Pooh or Disney ones they smuggle in amongst the plain black ones). Whilst we all know that black is a wardrobe staple; goes with anything, slimming, yada yada we really need to all get black brollies? I quite fancy this ironic little number, yours from Umbrella Art for £17.99.

Fancy going a bit more high fashion? Then for just £10 you can get your very own limited edition Eley Kishimoto iconic 'flash' print umbrella!

However I think my own personal favourite, and perfect for 'summer rain' is going to be courtesy of our friends at Cath Kidston. This jolly brolly is £20 and I think it's blooming ace!


  1. Ooooh I love that lightning one. I was going to post something about umbrellas ya know, after a day spent proudly carrying this little number, but it is sold out now.

  2. The problem with pretty brollies is that they're always those really big ones that don't fold up. I get annoyed that they can't fit into my bag.

    The foldy up ones are never as pretty.

  3. there's lots of high street ones with frilly edges too - I got a foldy-up frilly one from NEXT of all places. Miss S had some nice ones too.

  4. YES! Pretty foldy-up handbag friendly brollies!

    Next have actually upped their game this year. Very good design coming through.


    love these ones, i've got a similar one from
    I saw some similar in new look and h&m recently. Huge brollies are so great for going on walks etc but not very practical for everyday use!


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