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Tuesday 21 July 2009

The most fascinating fascinators

Last night, I found myself on a hen-do (I'll admit it, I gatecrashed). Before I knew it I was dolled up and covered in glitter with a little fascinator hat perched on top of my head. I want a fascinator! I want all the fascinators! We've already told you where you can make one but here's my pick of the best fascinators around:

This one is £24 from Accessorize. It's fancy.

Ooooh hello! This is like the one I was wearing last night. Might have to get me one from Etsy seller YJPaw.

This one is really unique. It looks very vintage, but actually, it's in the sale at ASOS and it's £10. Bargain.

I might never leave the house without a fascinator now. I will be overdressed always.


  1. Loving them all!!! I vote for dress up Fridays - when everyone has to wear a fascinator (ladies) or top hat(men - or ladies!) :-)

  2. Oh my lord - have you seen this one?!!

  3. See, I'm not really much of a hat person, so these are much better. As long as they don't look too weddingy. That's not good.


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