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Tuesday 14 July 2009

Meet Hetty, Henry the Hoover's ladyfriend

I've always been a (broom) closet fan of the 'Henry' series of hoovers that seem to have been around forever. It's a simple enough idea really: take a dull household impliment like a semi-industrial vacuum cleaner, give it a cute face and a name and hey-presto, you've got an instantly lovable brand!

Having been a student, and having had to borrow the college's 'Henry' on a few occasions I also happen to know just how great they are at sucking up muck as well - great for those post party cleaning sessions. So I was over the moon when I saw that Henry has a girlfriend - 'Hetty' and that you can pick her up at the reduced price of £94.99 in Ryness. I think I want this even more than shoes.


  1. I HATE Henry and feel he lacks a little Hitler tache (gaffer tape works..) and a thorough kicking. Sorry but there is no way making a Cute Character out of a vacuum cleaner makes it 'amusing' to use. Ditto the Dyson with its toy-cupboard colours.
    OK rant over - I'll get me coat..

  2. Wow...I had no idea this would stir up such strong feelings! But I guess my own obsession with these things goes just as far the other way.

    I've never been a big Dyson fan though, and I think Henry really does do the business very well...


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