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Friday 10 July 2009

Shop in the spotlight: Lily and Doreen

I first came across Lily and Doreen when I spotted their licorice allsorts jewellery. But they've got all sorts of other pretty things there as well. Unique, pretty pieces that are just waiting for you to snap them up.

This little allsorts bracelet is just £29. Perfect for making you smiley on a Monday morning.

The little knitted hearts are filled with lavender. They'll make your drawers smell lovely, or you can slip one into your pillow to help you sleep.

This pretty purse is made from a vintage scarf so there's only one available! Go and get it now!


  1. I love the allsorts bracelet! Before I'd even read the text I was thinking about how it looks like it's made out of chunky candy.


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