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Friday 3 July 2009

Glamming up hayfever: rose print tissue box

Are you working the Hayfever look this season? You know the one; red itchy nose, watery eyes, awkward 'it's not swine flu! honest!' sneezes mid-commute, a cought that sees fellow passengers gently edging away from you? It's everywhere dahhling! There's pretty much nothing nice about hayfever but there is something nice you can lay your hands on that will make that ever so practical but not really that pretty tissue box much more a la mode.

This brilliant rose decoupage wooden tissue box cover is from Ooops a Daisy on Folksy and will set you back £7.50. By my calculations that's about the same as three packets of antihistamines....and soooo much prettier.


  1. *achoo* see I need one, neeeed:)

  2. You do, Loulou. It's for your own good that you buy right away.


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