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Monday 20 July 2009

Shop in the spotlight: La Maison Couture

La Maision Couture might just be the best new find this year. That's right. This whole year. It's a bit like an upscale MyDeco. Very swanky it is too! You can't buy anything there, but it'll point you in the direction of some rather lovely websites. Everything is split into rooms which is a cute touch. Here's some pretty things I'm coveting as a result:

I really really want this dressing table from Brissi.

This pasta bowl is really really cool. The same can't be said for the Bodo Sperlien website.

These surreal Couture Lab glasses are very lovely indeed.


  1. Ooooh pretty. Those glasses though, most definitely creepy!!! But creepy good. Like Ghost Whisperer.

  2. They'd be like a creepy surprise at the bottom of your drink! hehe, that'd be fun :-)


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