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Wednesday 9 September 2009

Afternoon tea at The Underground Restaurant

We can't wait for October the 4th (cancel all your plans, right now). We've organised an afternoon tea event with MsMarmiteLover at The Underground Restaurant!

If you haven't heard of the Underground Restaurant, you're in for a real treat. Still the original and best, MsMarmiteLover hosts regular dinners in her (frankly beautiful) home. People pay up front, buy drinks and there's lovely waitresses. It's just like a real restaurant. The only difference being that you won't find it in any guide book and you'll only find out the address once you've booked. Because well, it's not strictly legal. Yay! Slightly illegal tea!

So what have we got planned for our afternoon tea event? Well for your £25 you'll get a yummy tea-martini, plenty of that English Breakfast stuff too if you fancy it. And a whole host of mini sandwiches, lovely cakes and scones and a few surprises as well (by that we mean we're not sure if we can make macarons, but we'll give it a damn good go).

If it's sunny, we'll move out into the garden and as an extra special treat MsMarmiteLover is turning her Summer house into a little fortune-teller hut and psychic Bethea Jenner will be on hand to read your palm. You don't get that at The Ritz.

The Underground Restaurant is such a great venue for our tea event so we're really excited. We're going to be getting flour all over our tea dresses and cooking up a storm and we'll make sure you're well looked after. There isn't a more unique dining place in London and it's going to be a great day.

When? Sunday October 4th, 3pm
Where? The Underground Restaurant - shhhhh it's a secret.
How much? £25 with a free cocktail and as much tea and cake as you can fit in. Prosecco will be sold by the glass for a fiver, or £15 for a bottle. You can book here.
Dress code? A fabulous tea dress will be just lovely. And shirts for the boys.

There's only space for 30, so hurry before all of the tickets sell out! See you there!

Flickr image from Toby Barnes' photostream.


  1. Whoop for slightly illegal tea!

  2. It's such a lovely place! Will you be attending Ms Magic?

  3. I am quite excited about any excuse to drink tea whilst wearing a lovely tea dress!

  4. We really are going to bake up a storm, can't wait!

  5. Come dressed vintage, I will be wearing a vintage pinny!
    Bethea Jenner is a well known astrologer and psychic so it should be a great event...

  6. I've booked - now I just need to decide what to wear!


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