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Tuesday 8 September 2009

Green Fingers: Sky Planters

One of the excuses I use for not growing herbs is that I don't have the space. This is kind of true, but I also don't want my windowsill cluttered with ugly terracotta boxes.

That's why these Sky Planters (from £19.50) at Rockett St George are such an excellent idea. They look fantastic, hang from the ceiling and are - somehow - self-watering. All you need to do is refill the ceramic pots once or twice a month, and enjoy lovely fresh herbs from your ceiling.


  1. I saw a few weeks ago.They made my mind hurt...HOW DO THEY WORK?! They are fantastic!!!

  2. Those are AWESOME. But how.. how do they... arg!

  3. How does soil not fall everywhere? Magic.


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