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Tuesday 29 September 2009

Green Fingers: Colloco's Seasonal Tea Towel

This is such a genius idea! A tea towel chart that will show you what fruit and vegetables are in season! Not only fab for when I actually decide to start growing my own produce (I will, I promise), but it's also brilliant for working out when the asparagus season starts! I save extra pennies for my weekly shop then.

This bit of kitchen happiness is just £10 from Colloco and I can't wait to snap mine up.


  1. I have this, it's fab! I bought it from though.

  2. They're the same price! I like both shops equally.

    Does it have jeruselem artichokes on it? I love those.

  3. V diplomatic. I will check tonight and let you know!

  4. According to my tea towel, Jerusalem artichokes are in season from the end of October to the end of February!


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