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Thursday 3 September 2009

Shop in the spotlight: An Angel At My Table

It seems that shops with angel in the title catch my attention. First Tobias and the Angel, then Angel Lifestyle, and now An Angel at My Table. I'm loving An Angel at my Table for its love of all things old fashioned, with a slightly modern twist. Just quirky enough to gain a whole host of compliments, but simple enough to fit right into your home. Perfect.

I love this simple kitchen furniture. Lovely colour.

This isn't a very useful mirror, I'll grant you that. But it's mighty cute.

This might be one of the sexiest beds I've ever seen.


  1. I have that middle birdcage 'mirror' from them. If anyone is thinking of buying, please beware it is NOT a mirror at all. It is totally non-reflective glass, almost black. It cost £100 and when I complained to them that it was useless, the picture was misleading (must have used clever lighting) and that it shouldn't have the word 'mirror' in the title they were unhelpful and wanted £20 to return it!

    Instead i took it to a mirror shop and they cut a new mirror the same shape and fitted it for around £15. x

  2. Ooph thanks for the tip, Lu! It's a shame because it's so very pretty. But you're right, if it's not a mirror, it's not a mirror.

  3. No probs. The biggest one on the left is a proper mirror though I think. I liked the middle one better though because the bars on it are 3d and with a proper mirror in it it is very pretty and unusual.x

  4. Pleased you changed the glass in it, bet it's really pretty now.


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