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Friday 4 September 2009

Bunny cafes!

I am a big fan of tea and cake and there's loads of great cafes in Blightly, but I do kinda wish we had bunny cafes like this one in Japan. It's even BYOB (that's Bring your own bunny). Everything about this makes me happy. Who do we speak to about this? Maybe The Ritz could do a bunny afternoon tea?

Thanks to the lovely @moosh from Miso Funky for sharing on Twitter!


  1. I have a super cute housebunny called Schmokesby - perhaps I should start pimping the little fella out?

    Frankly, he is anyone's for a carrot.

  2. Hehe! Bunnies are brilliant. Hop hoppity hop whilst you drink your tea.

    This idea isn't going to catch on here, is it? :-(

  3. Well, I can bake a mean cupcake so perhaps I should open my own...


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