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Tuesday 8 September 2009

Green Fingers: Little Veggie Patch

I haven't kept my lack of green-fingeryness a secret. I'm rubbish at all things to do with gardening. But it doesn't stop me wanting a really pretty garden (yes, in my head this might be vastly improved with a whole Lady Chatterly's Lover type scenario). I like garden parephanlia! It's like an extra room, just outside.

And this little veggie patch garden from Sparrow & Finch is very cute. Perfect for kids, but also perfect for me! I'm still of the school of thought that the smaller the plant the less chance of me killing it, so this is lovely. And when it gets to rainy for your little plants, just bring it inside! You can buy this for £149.95. It comes in three different colours and it's made from sustainable wood. You can buy a grown-up size too, but that doesn't sound nearly as fun.


  1. Me too!

    It looks perfect for people who only have a teeny balcony (or space outside the back door).

    And you don't even have to bend down to much :)


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