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Friday 4 September 2009

Food Fortnightly at Sourced Market

How do you make the Domestic Sluts happy? Invite them to an exciting event and give them free food and drink! Yay! Gemma and I popped along to the official opening of Sourced Market in St Pancras International (Not Kings Cross!) and we had all kinds of yummy treats. And we took lots of 'artfully staged' (read awkward) photos!

Look! Look how happy I am! That's because I've just eaten one of those tasty tasty brownies from Flour Power City Bakery. The almond and banana ones are just out of shot, but they were the clear winners of the evening. Here's a close up of the tastiness:


Here's an awkward photo of Gemma and Chorizo:

We were a very big fan of the Brindisa chorizo. And spent far too much time hanging about this bit. But you could literally jump from trying hams, to trying chorizo, to trying hams to trying chorizo. You see the problem with this? No, we didn't either. We took a rather staged photo of the lovely man behind the ham:

And of course, we drank. A bit of Meantime Beer (made in Domestic Sluttery HQ region of Greenwich by Siany's favourite pub) and a lovely white called Picpoul de Pinet from Les Caves Des Pyrene. We liked this so much that we drank it in a wine bar down the road and got rather tipsy.

Anything else we liked? Well the Pate Moi mushroom pate was yummy (although we wouldn't have called it pate), the Chegworth Valley Apple and Strawberry juice was a winner (much yummier than their apple and rhubarb) and we had some very meaty sausages from Laverstock Park Farm. A special mention needs to go to Stewed's yummy chicken and olive stew, which I might just have to pop back and buy. Some of those names might sound familiar, but this place is literally like a mini farmer's market. Just in a train station. We can get on board with that.

Sourced Market is a great addition to Kings Cross, and if you find yourself nearby after hopping off the Eurostar (very fancy!) then come here and pick up some tasty treats for your tea. It's much better than M&S. They're open until 9 in the evenings too.

Can we have some more chorizo now please?

Sourced Market can be found on street level of St. Pancras International by the UK ticket office - pretty much directly underneath the champagne bar. Or, you could just hunt for the Domestic Sluts by the chorizo stand.


  1. Awkward photos FTW. And I need to get me some of that chorizo!

  2. The chorizo was very yummy indeed. But I think it's the stew that was my favourite. Yummy :-)

  3. Like the review! Just a quick note - the Market is actually in St. Pancras International (rather than King's Cross..)

  4. Thanks, Anon! Sorry to mislead everyone - I still get the two bits mixed up!


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