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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Peek-a-boo cups from Crumpet & Skirt

I spotted these charming tea cups at the recent 15-Minute-Factory craft fair in Brick Lane, where they were being sold by the equally delightful Elizabeth of Crumpet & Skirt, a new gift and homeware line for the discerning pin-up devotee.

Seen from the outside, the mugs are virginal white bone china, but tip them up for a slurp of tea and each piece tells a different story. I like the subtlety of the design, and the way that Elizabeth has resisted the urge to go for a more in-your-face showgirl design with these cups, which I'd have no problem leaving out when granny comes to tea.


  1. I love these. They made me smiley this morning :-)

  2. I just bought these eeek! Nabbed the last two according to the internet wooop! Moving into my new flat soon so they'll look perfect there!! Thanks for the post x

  3. Yay! Makes me happy when people buy stuff we feature! Enjoy!

  4. Hayley> That's awesome! Glad you spotted them here :)

  5. LOL, these remind me of some rude shot glasses in aFrench restaurant that had pictures of topless girls in the bottom of them!!!!


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