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Friday 18 September 2009

The end of National Cupcake Week

Wow, this week has been fun!

HUGE thanks to everyone who entered our cupcake competitions! And a great big congratulations to everyone who won: Charlotte C, Hayley, Lynn G, lindac123 (who still hasn't claimed her prize!), Sharon Kitten, Sally Waters and... the winner of today's competition:

Katie! She left us funny stories as well so we like her even more. Yay!

If you haven't already, please email us so we can send you your prizes. Otherwise we'll keep them and eat them ourselves. (Really).

Huge thanks to Cupcakes and Peonies, Cake Shop Corner, Sweet Things, Crumbs and Doilies and Blue Door Bakery for donating prizes. And of course to The Metro and Hecklerspray for writing about it.

Never thought we'd say this, but we're pretty cupcaked out. Can we have some biscuits please?


  1. Thank you for a fun-filled cake-tastic week ladies!

    I don't know about biscuits, but I've had some cookie-shaped catastrophes this week... the third batch were edible at least. Any chance of a sluttishly easy recipe using up burnet/rock-hard cookies??

  2. It has been fun hasn't it?!

    And National Chocolate Week is only a month away...

  3. I am a HUGE cupcake fan. Can someone confirm exactly when is National Cupcke Week being observed? I am icing to know!


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