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Wednesday 23 September 2009

Bodie and Fou revamped

I'm feeling a little fragile this morning (too many mimosas last night) so instead of working hard, I'm nosing about the internet and drinking lots and lots of coffee. But that means we got to take a look at Bodie and Fou's new website. Hurrah!

Now they've got gift wrapping services (which is handy as I'm rubbish at wrapping presents), and a fab wishlist service which I will be sending out about two weeks before my birthday. Very pretty the website is too. Much cleaner than the old version and easy to navigate. There's an awful lot of lovely things at Bodie and Fou so now it's even easier to find them.

I stumbled across this blogs and coffee print and it made me smile. As a professional (hungover) blogger, I reckon it'll look lovely perched beside my desk. It's only £20 which means I can afford to pop over the road and get another latte.

In the meantime, go check out Bodie and Fou's new website and treat yourself to something lovely.


  1. I have the blogs & tea print - it makes me smile too. The designer madebygirl has a lovely blog too.

  2. Coffee and blogging - just about sums up my working week!


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