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Monday 7 September 2009

Domestic Sluttery pester Lisa Galibardy

Pretty, magical and whimsical. Three words that can sum up Lisa Galibardy's rather special jewellery range. Every piece looks like it belongs in a fairy tale. Beautifully crafted, but without losing their fun appeal. I want everything, but it's the fairytale-inspired cocktail rings that have really caught my attention. So I caught up with Lisa and had a chat with her about her new collection.

What's your favourite piece from the new collection?

My favourite pieces at the moment are the Buffalo ring and Carousel Horse. They're a mix of the tough and the whimsical, lots of intricate detailing

What inspires you?

Inspiration is all around, all of the time. I only use one source: the universe!

Where do you go when you're looking for new inspiration?

Car Boot Sales! The idea for the 3D components came from my interest old ornaments at car boot sales

What are your favourite London shops?

Liberty has always been my favourite, I love their window displays, especially their recent display using Liberty fabric on a huge Hansel and Gretel style dress.

What inspires you when you're looking at interiors?

Interesting use of old furniture and mixing different time periods

What's your best interiors buy?

1950's Angel lights - £10 from a charity shop.

And finally....

What's your fail safe dish that you always cook when you want to impress?

Cooking is not my forte, that’s my mum’s department. If we have guests I whizz around to hers and pick up some hot curry dishes she has prepared for me. Alternatively, it’s comfort food all the way – love a hot buttered jacket potato – simple deliciousness.

Flickr image of Liberty from Mike_Fleming's photostream. You can find all of these pieces, and more over at the Galibardy website. Starburst ring - £24. Brass Carousel necklace - £12. Skater earrings - £7. Fairytale castle ring - £14. The Queen of Hearts Ring is available for pre-order by email - £18.


  1. Nice rings. I need them.

  2. The rings are my favourite too! Pleased you like them.


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