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Monday 28 September 2009

Saucy - The Icecreamists at Selfridges

The words ice cream and boutique aren't usually found together in the same sentence but maybe they should be...that's what Matt O'Connor (founder of The Icecreamists who apparently eats, sleeps and breathes ice cream) thinks anyway, and quite frankly who are we to disagree with a man who not only eats the stuff but also sleeps AND breathes it(?!)

But this is no 50s retro parlour, this is proper hard core adult stuff (ooh-er missus). Fancy a molecular cryogenic cocktail complete wth liquid nitrogen? Or maybe the Selfridges Ice Cream Sandwich with cream of cucumber? What about a sorbetto (I don't even know what it is but I want one!). They are open Monday to Sunday and there's a live in-house band and DJ and everything. You've got until 1st November to get yourself to the lower ground floor of Selfridges on Oxford Street to sample these masterpieces! Onmomnomnomnomnom!


  1. Oh! Gosh! You've just brought me thundering back to the night when I stumbled in there after a couple of pints and demanded I got to review it. How dare I forget! The Brown Bread stuff (actually more like gingerbread) was a-ma-zing.

  2. Must try this place... and I'm doing an event at the food hall tomorrow. Seems rude not to pop in...


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