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Monday 7 September 2009

Tea and Cake with Qype at the Betty Blythe Society


You may remember that last week we asked a couple of you to come along to the "Ladies Indoor Garden Party" at Betty Blythe in West Kensington (read: excuse to drink tea, eat a huge amount of cake and gossip without a boy in sight) with Alex and me (that's Jess), care of those folk at Qype (okay, so I might be one of them too). Here's Alex looking adoringly at cake:

We were joined by our wonderful reader Fiona of Notorious Kitsch (there she is just below, looking very glamorous) - it was an absolute pleasure - but we did dearly miss Laura who had to work (don't worry Laura, we managed to munch through your cake for you). I was also happy to discover a couple of other Sluttery readers there too. Hello you.

And what a treat the evening was! Betty Blythe is one of the most wonderful places I have ever clapped my eyes upon - a 'fine food pantry' with a difference - lovingly soaked in vintage glamour by Lulu, the hostess with the mostest. We had the run of Betty for the night - us Sluts and Qypers decorated biscuits and cupcakes with icing, sipped tea with our pinkies out and showed off our jewellery (I was wearing my owl and the pussycat necklace with much pride).

Downstairs is the indoor garden the event got its name from - it was here that we were treated to some vintage styling tips from the quite wonderful Fleur de Guerre (above, resplendent in 'victory rolls'), before gossiping on long into the night. We left rather rounder than when we'd arrived, very happy indeed, until we realised quite how much it was raining.

Read more about we all thought about it
over on Qype and have a look at more of the pictures of our adventures (massive thanks to our photographer-extraordinaire Rachelle who captured it all in authentic sepia tones for us!) And while you're at it, why not join up and write a bit about your most favourite places too?


  1. This looked so much fun! Wish I could have been at this event! Will have to pop in next time I'm in West London.

  2. Oooh this sounds like such a lovely get together! Sepia toned photos are perfect way to remember it by! Must come along next time...!

  3. It was a lovely event with lovely people, I would highly recommend it and the venue itself!


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