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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Black Rabbit's twist on the bird motif

You might have already guessed, but I'm a tad bored of the bird motif that's everywhere at the moment. Sometimes it's fine, and there's some really great designs out there. But putting a bird on something does not make it an instant design classic. Not if Asda are doing it.

But then I found these really unique bird brooches at The Black Rabbit. And these made me sit up and take notice. They're £17.50 each and well, just look at them.

One for sorrow? Not when the magpie looks this pretty.

Apparently this little fella is a curlew. He's a cute little thing, isn't he?

Nice to see someone doing an original take on the motif. More of this please!


  1. It's a bit more dark but I like it. Great find!

  2. I love the fact that the Curlew is wearing shoes, and manly brogues at that!

  3. He's got shoes! I didn't even notice he had shoes. Now I love him even more.

  4. These are brilliant. I'm definitely buying the crow and teapot one.

  5. Oh wait, that's a magpie isn't it? Clearly need to brush up on my bird silhouettes.


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