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Thursday 17 September 2009

The winners of yesterday's cake competitions!

We do like keeping you guys in suspense! (Truth be told, we went to the pub at the end of the day and forgot to announce the winners. Sorry about that.)

*Drum roll please!*

The winner of the Sweet Things cupcake competition is..... Charlotte C! It might have been at random, but how fab does this cake sound?!

"My mum makes an amazing double chocolate ganache rasprberry Victoria sponge cake. one layer sponge, one layer white chocolate ganache and raspberrries, one layer sponge, and then the top is covered in dark chocolate (i mean proper dark like 70%) ganache and topped with more raspberries....YUM!!! The combination of moist sponge, rich sweet white chocolate ganache, bitter indulgent dark chocolate ganache and the light fruitness of the raspberries...well ladies, I bet you can just imagine how good it is! :) "

Can we have the recipe please?

And *another drum roll* the winners of the Jo Heckett Cupcake Magnet competition!

Dunners! For this rather clever pun:


I would have this amusing pun on my cupcake magnet, to represent my love for baking AND puns:

flour in my hair

That's 13 characters if you don't include the spaces...

Hayley x"

We'll be honest, it took Siany a while to 'get' the pun but when we did we giggled rather a lot.

And winner number 2 is..... Lynn G! For this rather simple phrase on her magnet:

"Lovely magnets. Mine would say...
Send Cake."

Yay! Congratulations to everyone who won things. Just email us and tell us your details and we'll send you your swag. If you didn't win, there's always today's cupcake contest from Crumbs and Doilies. We're very nice to you lot.

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