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Thursday 17 September 2009

Emma Bridgewater Mallard Mug

I love ducks. Ducks are quite clearly the masters of the animal kingdom. They've conquered air, land and water better than any other creature. They remain satisfied with the simplest treat of a piece of soaking bread. They are always happy to see you. Okay, I love ducks.

So clearly I'm delighted that the wonderful Emma Bridgewater has just added the mallard mug to her Birds collection of lovely kitchen things.

I'm a huge fan of the whole range to be honest (and already have the bluetit and robin mugs in my own collection), but the brand new addition of the beautiful mallard has really made my week.


  1. Ducks attack me. All the time. There's photo evidence of me standing on a bench at the Wetlands because a giant black and white goosey duck thing and his friend were both trying to attack me.

    Apparently it's always happened - even when I was a kid.

    Stop laughing. It's not funny.

  2. Ohhh have you seen the Robin version of this mug? I want it so freaking bad!!

    Amy xo

  3. Amy, I have it! Me and my mum buy one every now and again because we love them so much. We've got a couple of the dotty ones and heart ones too.

    I really covet the teapot now!

    Siany - they're probably geese. Let's not go tarring ducks with the goose brush. Very different ;) it was probably a canada goose that got you. Hissy things. (I still quite like them though).

  4. Jessica - I am now officially very very jealous of you. Keep your crockery under lock and key! ;)


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