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Wednesday 18 November 2009

Alarming Alarm Clocks by Newgate

Anyone else finding getting up in the morning a real drag at the moment? It's too cosy in my duvet! I want to stay all wrapped up warm! I don't want to go out in the rain! Short of someone throwing a glass of cold water over me, there's not much that will turn me into a morning person (I don't suggest you try that tactic either). But maybe if I buy one of these pretty alarm clocks by Newgate, I might just get a spring in my step before 8am. Maybe.

This black alarm clock is so sleek. And it's boy friendly too. You can buy it from Colloco for just £9.95.

This pocketwatch alarm clock is so Alice in Wonderland. Cuteness! It's £44 from Graham & Green.

Looking for something a little more retro? What about this bubble clock from Heal's? It's £30.

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