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Tuesday 17 November 2009

Ask the sluts: What can I do to make my home more arty?

We've been asked by a few people what we do with our artwork and prints to jazz up the Domestic Sluttery HQ walls. And the thing is, unless we're being organised, we often leave them lying about until we buy a frame. But sometimes we'll surprise ourselves and do something fun to brighten up our walls. Here are some of our favourite tricks to make our homes look more arty:
  • Put art in unusual places. The bathroom, inside cupboard doors. On the side of your dressing table. Little pictures here and there that will make a huge difference to those empty white walls.
  • Pick a wall. Just one. And go to town on it like we did in that photo. Little prints all over the place, or photos of your friends and family. They look more artistic when they're not placed in rows. There's nothing arty about putting things in straight lines.
  • Leave prints on the floor. Frame them and leave them resting along the wall. This works best if you've got different sizes and they're over-lapping slightly. Don't be precious. When you get bored you can move them about.
  • Put up prints and pictures that are personal to you. Drawings you or your kids have done, things that remind you of your friends. You don't need to stick to framed prints. If you want to scribble all over that wall, then do it. It's your personal style that will come out, even if you did just cut a nice photo out from the latest issue of Vogue.
  • Paint the walls different colours. It's surprising how much a lick of bright paint will make your home look like any arty studio.
  • Why stop at the walls? Paint the frames too. Any colour you want.
  • Hang prints in unique ways. If you've got space, buy an easel. Easels are such pretty ways to make a feature out of artwork. And who knows, maybe you'll even be inspired yourself. Or, hang smaller on string from the ceiling. You only need clip hooks so make sure you're only using small prints or postcards - nothing heavy or expensive.
Have any more ideas for displaying your artwork? Tell us in the comments!

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