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Friday 13 November 2009

Sluttery Reads: Mrs Mills Solves All Your Problems

One of my absolute favourite parts of the weekend is reading Mrs Mills' advice column in the back of the Sunday Times Style magazine. 'Mrs Mills Solves All Your Problems' is a collection of some of the finest questions and answers featured and handily grouped into sections on how to deal with your loved ones, the wider world and everything else.

Best read with a martini or glass of champagne, these are my personal favourite pieces of advice:

"GSOH stands for Good Size Of Hand. Occasionally it is followed by NNTB (Nose Not Too Big). Why this should be, I have no idea. 'Attractive' means nothing more than recognisably human."

"Christmas pudding: supermarkets do a very good one these days. Spend Christmas Eve destroying all evidence of the packaging."

"It is obscene to see people wandering about their houses in T-shirts in the winter months, why do they think God invented tweed and woollen underwear?"

"Leaning right back while draining the last droplets then toppling into a heap never fails to draw the host's attention to my alcohol-deficient state."

'Mrs Mills Solves All Your Problems', available in paperback and hardback from Amazon.


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