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Tuesday 24 November 2009

Cocktail Hour: Gin 'n' Tonic

I know at first glance, you might ask why I'm writing a recipe for the perfect gin 'n' tonic, but honestly, it's not as simple as throwing some gin in a glass with some Schweppes. There's an art to it. Just like a vodka and orange isn't a screwdriver. For a start, the perfect G&T had better have cucumber in it. Yep, throw out those limes and opt for cucumber instead. Trust me.

To make the perfect gin 'n' tonic you'll need:
  • 25ml Hendricks. There's really no need for a double. It's a simple drink, don't ruin it.
  • 100ml tonic. Honestly, the type tonic doesn't matter, as long as it's plain and ice cold.
  • Ice
  • Two slices of cucumber.

Make it!

Pop the ice cubes in a glass. Add the gin and top up with tonic. Stir well and then run a piece of cucumber around the rim and then pop two slices into your drink. That's it!

No more needs to be done, but it's the care and attention that goes into it that's important. Have you noticed how tonic in pubs is never cold? Or there's no lime? Those little things are important in a cocktail. Especially when it's as yummy as the G 'n' T.

Flickr image from Jlastra's photostream.


  1. The type tonic doesn't matter, as long as it's plain and ice cold.

    With such a tonic-heavy recipe, the quality of the tonic will make a difference. Since you're suggesting a 1:4 ratio, you're really going to taste the tonic and risk overwhelming the botanicals in the gin. (Fortunately, Hendricks is pretty flavorful, so it's not a total loss.)

    Fever Tree makes a great premium tonic, but Schweppes is great for a standard brand.

    For Hendricks, I prefer at least a 1:2 ratio and use a spear of cucumber, slid down the side of the glass, rather than slices.

  2. You make some good points. I wish it was easier to find tonic without those nasty-tasting artificial sweeteners though. Andrew's recommendation for Fever Tree is safe, but why do Schweppes insist on putting them even in non-slimline tonic. At least Sainsburys have stopped putting them in non-diet drinks including their tonic.

  3. Call me a rebel, but I've always preferred a nice slice of Lime in my Gin & Tonic rather than Cucumber. Saying that, I tend to make mine with Bombay Sapphire which seems to complement the taste of Lime better than Hendricks (which is definitely a Cucumber gin!)

    When it comes to Gin Martinis however, you need Tanqueray. ALWAYS.

  4. I'm loving all the different variations! You guys might be right with different types of gin for different mixers, but this is my favourite. I doubt I'd use as much tonic if I wasn't using Hendricks, but this works really well :-)


  5. Mmm Hendricks gin is my favourite, always always with cucumber, lime ruins it! So refreshing for summer, and healthy right?

    Jess x


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