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Wednesday 18 November 2009

David Wright Pin-up Mirrors at Pandora's Choice

I've been looking for a retro pin-up compact for months now. But not one that says something annoying like "I like boys and shoes and I don't have a brain" on it or some other 50s nonsense. The dumbing down thing is not cool. But then I stumbled across these retro pin-up mirrors over at Pandora's Choice and they're perfect. They're only £6.99 each too.

OK, so this one does have writing on it, but it's cute.

And this one is very sexy.

This one is my favourite. See? Not a tacky slogan in sight.


  1. I have that bottom one! I like that these days even my little sister knows I like presents with scantily-clad ladies on. (I think she bought me that bottom one now that I think of it). It's an accepted family thing now: "Jane likes slutty ladies from the past. Buy her things with retro women on and she'll be pleased."

  2. Yep, the bottom one is my favourite. Aaaah, the days gone by when you had nothing to do but lounge about in fancy underwear. Don't these pretty ladies have jobs to do?!


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