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Monday 9 November 2009

Get squishable - you're never too old for toys

I thought long and hard about whether to show you Squishables. Not because I didn't think you'd like them (just *look* at them!) but because they're only sold from the USA, and shipping to Blighty costs as much as the squishy itself, making one of these cuties cost about £60 all in.

But then I thought 'hey, how often do I get to write about cuddly toys?' And I decided you'd forgive me. Squishables are proper grown-up toys; you only have to look at the gallery to see that. They make great pillows, they're cute as hell, they're talking points for any house with a sense of humour, and even boys like them (especially the Panda, apparently)!


  1. Aw I love the Panda! Although I think I'd get some pretty odd looks popping to the petrol station with a rotund stuffed toy...

  2. I have spent far too long trying to pick which one I like the best and I still haven't managed to make my mind up. They're fab.

  3. I've had the turtle for 2 years now, and it's still awesome. I'll pick up the octopus, and if they ever listen to my constant nagging and actually get round to making it, the sloth! :D


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