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Monday, 30 November 2009

Christmas (Tea) Time: Teabag advent Calendar

I like Christmas, tea, advent calendars... and Christmas. So I like this clever little advent calendar more than anything right now. Different tea each day! Yay! There's even some rooibos chocolate tea hidden in there. Everything about this tea calendar is brilliant. It's £7.24 from Amazon for two boxes (you can buy one box here and if you're really really lucky it'll arrive tomorrow). So you can share, if you like. Or just open two boxes each day. Do that. It's more fun than sharing.


  1. Fantastic - love it. Have ordered two. Fingers crossed they arrive tomorrow.

  2. Boo. Sold out :o(

  3. Oh no! Think they might have had a last minute rush :-)

  4. AW I wish I'd seen this earlier! Sulk.

    What a great idea thought. I'm making a mental note for next year (and losing it by tomorrow no doubt).

  5. It's a lovely idea and healthier than chocolate advent calendars! It's also back in stock on Amazon :-)


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