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Monday 23 November 2009

Shop in the spotlight: Nonesuch Things

It was actually the ever-wonderful Wee Birdy who alerted me to Nonesuch Things. But it's such a wonderful shop I couldn't keep it to myself. Just little bits of pretty, little bits of nothing. Little bits of wonderfulness that you really really want.

This Broderie Anglais cuff is £42. And so so elegant.

And the tape that was featured on Wee Birdy. I've got excited about funky tape recently too. There's a definite trend starting. These are £5.95 each.

These pretend petit fours are so cute. No I know I don't need them. But that doesn't stop me thinking I have to have them in my life right this very second. They're £11.50.

Nonesuch Things might be small, but it's pretty near perfect.

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  1. Love the tape - when I saw it on Wee Birdy I went searching and found some that looks like pretty lace ( and it's wide enough to hide the messy edges when I haven't cut the paper perfectly too...!


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