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Monday 9 November 2009

Tidy up your clothes in uber-cute style!

Clothes shavers aren't a new idea. We've all got bobbly sweaters and coats that could do with going over every now and then, and there are all kinds of Betterware / Kleeneze / Lakeland style companies offering up cheap ways of doing that.

But do any of them look like cute big-mouthed aliens?! I think not! For that, you need to look further afield. Alessi, they of the corkscrews-that-look-like-people, have created the Piripicchio clothes shaver. It'll remove bobbles whilst satisfying all your kawaii needs. It's not cheap but imagine how sweet it'll look on your dressing table. Get it from Nest for £23.


  1. me too, but I learned something so that's nice. next question, how do you get other people to shave their sweaters? Is it okay to carry this around offering to help them out?


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