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Wednesday 11 November 2009

Watch the vintage-style hanging birdy

I just love these gorgeous vintage style hanging bird decorations. Made of metal, each pretty pastel-coloured bird has a unique painted floral design and a striped hanging ribbon.

Now, I'm still giving anything remotely Christmassy (oops, I said the forbidden 'C' word...) the body-swerve - until December kicks in, at the very least. But the beauty of these birdies is that you could hang them in your home at any time of year.

They'd look nice strung from drawer knobs, decorative twigs (does anyone actually have these?) or attached to ornamental mirrors. Or, if you were feeling particularly generous, you could tie one to a gift for an extra special finishing touch. But I shall be mostly buying them as a present (£18 for a set of 4, Polly & Prince) to myself.


  1. Sweet! I'm going a bit bird mad this year - check out this pretty silver birdy from M&S! £3.50 and delivery is only 1p!

  2. I know the whole 'bird thing' has been about for a while - but I still can't get enough of designs featuring our feathered friends.

    That M&S glass birdy is ve-ry nice. Might raid my local branch for similar trinkets.x


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