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Tuesday 10 November 2009

Enlist Elvis to Save Your Worktop!

I popped round to my friend’s house recently and Elvis was on the worktop. Obviously, not The King himself (how amazing would *that* be?!) but this nifty worktop saver from Joseph Joseph:

Now, you’re probably already familiar with this iconic design (what with it gracing the pages of every glossy interiors mag in-the-know), and Siany gave Joseph Joseph’s colourful work top savers the thumbs-up not so long ago… but did you know you can also get The Queen’s regal features - recreated through the use of careful placement of whole and chopped fruit and veg - to give your kitchen surface the royal guard?

Uncanny. And as Marilyn Monroe knows, ‘Some Like It Hot’, but seeing as these beauties are heat resistant to temperatures up to 280˚C, there'll be no scorch marks on *our* work-tops, thank you very much.

And what with their lifetime guarantee against breakage, it’ll be the best £13 you’ve ever spent. 'Tis a shame such guarantees don’t apply to spindly high-heels, right? I'd have saved a small fortune in shoe-repairs by now...


  1. I own Elvis! Use him as a base for candles rather than my worktop though. Very good to have on the table at dinner parties too :)

  2. They're great conversation starters for shiz! I said to my friend 'Elvis is on your worktop!' and she looked at me oddly, till I explained. Love them all.x

  3. Oh my. This has to live with me.
    (Hopping around your blog at random. And having an absolute ball!)


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