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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Sluttishly Snug: M&S Men's Cashmere Jumper

Sorry, what? Where's all that lovely sunshine from the last week gone? I am not amused and need to cover my airy-fairy tea dress with something warm, sharpish.

This is a man. Handsome though it is, I am not suggesting you wrap up warm in him (very Star Wars, very messy). Look, instead, at the jumper. Borrowing men's knitwear is the one aspect of the 'boyfriend fashion' thing that I really get. Men's jumpers are extra cosy, extra roomy without being tents and look freaking amazing teamed with a little dress and heels. Very often though, men insist on your giving their knitwear back which is most unfair and not the point at all, so buying your own is a good second choice.

M&S men's cashmere (or 'mashmere' as I've been rather uninspiringly calling it for years is perfect for weather like today. It's light enough that you won't expire if the temperature improves, while being as cosy and soft as a giant teddy bear, and gifted with nice long sleeves.

You can choose your mashmere in crew or V-neck, and it being spring there are a number of girl-friendly colours like lavender, pink, serious purple, black, silver, or this gorgeous mid-blue. Not bad for £59. The only thing you'll have to worry about once you're cosy is how to fend off the men trying to nick it off you.


  1. dad buys these. or used to. rubbish quality cashmere and bobbles to readily.

  2. Well for £60 I wasn't expecting Brora quality, but it still looks very snuggly.

  3. Has anyone tried Uniqlo's cashmere? They always seem to have good deals on it.

  4. @Anonymous That's such a shame! Your dad must have got a bad one. Mine's lasted for ages and boyfriend got one last year and it's still in flawless condition. No bobbles on either.

  5. Wearing a man's jumper only works if you have actually borrowed it from an actual man.
    Helps if you literally take it off their back so it's still warm and you can come over all 1940's girl being walked home after the tea dance. Retro feminism or something...

  6. I do like stealing boy jumpers. They smell nice.

  7. I think I'm going to buy one of these for xmas.

    I found this site seemed very good. It compares all the cashmere jumpers from uk retailers in one place. Hope it helps anyone else looking -

  8. Ha ha daddydonut, glad you liked my site. I've been working hard recently to make it the no 1 in the uk. Hope you find the gift you are looking for and I do like that Jumper from M&S in this post.

    Thanks for sharing


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