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Wednesday 25 May 2011

BBQ Brights at Next

Alex has gone nuts over picnics, and I'm all for them. Especially the unexpected rainy day indoor picnic (any food event with the rare potential for a cushion fort will have me excited). But there's another outdoor occasion that deserves a shout out. The foodie wonder that is the BBQ. Where else are you forced to eat seven different types of meat in one afternoon? With nothing but friends and Pimms and sunburn for company? It's the last Bank Holiday this weekend, so a BBQ is a must. So are all these bright cooking accessories from Next Home.

No one really goes to a BBQ for the salad, but this bowl with contrasting salad spoons is gorgeous (and only £15). Use it to put one of these Sluttery salads in.

Now, people do go to a barbie for a drink or three (try our new hugo recipe). This ice tray is excellent. No more stuck ice cubes going all over the shop, instead just squish the bottoms and out they pop. This is £8.

And these green wine glasses are perfect for your new drinks. They're only £4.50 for a set of four. Colourful plastic makes them look fun, not cheap.

Planning on partying after the sun goes down? You'll need a snuggly jumper, and some baked potatoes wrapped in foil, and perhaps these tealight holders for dangling. They're £12.

Of course, now I've written this it's going to rain over the weekend. Sorry, everyone.

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