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Tuesday 10 May 2011

Blazer of Glory

I'm in a bit of jacket limbo. My favourite little jacket is a tweed number which looks cute, but it's not right for spring. It's far too warm. My trench coat looks perfect on blustery days, but as soon as I'm in shorts, it gets a little bit 'ooooh, is she naked underneath'. I'm probably not.

It's time for a new jacket. Something summery that goes with all the stuff I own. Something I can throw over a bag when it's warm. Something that's cute and doesn't feel like I'm wearing my winter coat in May.

Basically, I really really need this floral River Island blazer. It's everything I want in a jacket. I don't even care that it'll clash with some of my dresses. Actually, I think the print is perfect for wonderful clashing action. I won't be too hot, but I won't shiver when the sun goes down either.

It's only £34.99 from ASOS. There's one less now, sorry.


  1. Oh that is lovely.

    I feel your dilemma with jackets. At the moment I'm a big fan of the nude blazer- it's kind of a neutral colour and goes with everything, whilst looking suitably spring-like. Mine is from the Reiss january sale, but there are loads on the high street.

  2. I have a vintage floral blazer not too dissimilar from that one. I love it.


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