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Tuesday 31 May 2011

Vintage Sheet Music Handpunched Heart Paper Chains

Crikey, what a mouthful!

My friend Polly says I am her Victorian friend, as much for my love of gin and the fact I once fainted at breakfast as for my love of actual Victoriana.

You don't get much more Victorian than paper chains - not the ones you can (increasingly rarely, sadly) get in the shops, but ones that are to be treasured and packed away again for next time.

These are my new favourite paper chains. I bought them for a party a couple of weeks ago - everyone loves love and music, don't they? - and they looked absolutely beautiful up. Sadly, come 2am I was so desperate to go to bed that I ripped them off the wall into a bin bag instead of lovingly folding them away in tissue paper as I'd planned. Eh. Them's the party breaks.

I get them from clair191277's eBay shop for the frankly ridiculous price of £1.50 and 95p postage. You get 2m of chains for that, which just need a lick of Sellotape to get them ready. Beautiful and unusual - and incredibly Victorian.


  1. So cute! I am a huge fan of paper chains, but normally resort to reusing old newspapers. Still, it's the same effect.

  2. Lovely!!!
    Thanks for the link!


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