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Friday 20 May 2011

Shop in the Spotlight: Our Shop

No, not our shop (do pay us a visit), but Our Shop, a wonderful little find full or curious things I must have immediately. It's a bit like Present & Correct, but with added extras. Here are my favourite finds.

What would I put inside giant apple storage? I have no idea. None at all. But I'd like to find out. This large apple is £43, and there's a little red apple too.

Love the London figures on this mug. Tis in the sale too, so it's only £9.50.

They do vintage stuff too. This glass jug is from the 20s, and it's £18.

These cards are fantastic. Need to send a perfect gift to someone? Scribble them one of these cards (everything from free hugs, surprises and dinner at your place) and you'll make them smile. The set is £10. Feel free to send them to us.


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