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Tuesday 10 May 2011

A bit of ruching

I don't often look at curtains and think 'I must have you now'. Curtains are useful, but they're not exactly a focal point. But this one is. This grey ruched curtain will make even the drabbest room and dullest window look wonderful.

Isn't it glamourous? It's £60 from Urban Outfitters and while I haven't quite worked out where I would hang it, I know that I want it immediately.

I don't think I've ever coveted a curtain before.

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  1. I can understand the obsession, this is a very cool curtain! It would not go in our house-my husband, the minimalist, would take one look and mutter 'dust collector' and that would be the end of it. I can get many things around him but I can safely predict this would not be one of them as lovely as it is...!!


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