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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Dream Dress: ASOS Pineapple Print Dress

Pineapples are a surprising trend. Their prints are popping up all over the place at the moment (not least on our own Domestic Slut Sarah, who is way ahead of the fruit-on-dresses-as-fashion curve). We had cherries a few years back, but despite the rockabilly factor, I always felt like I was dressing like a 12 year old. But pineapples actually do it for me. They're quirky and summery, without being childish, and a little bit 80s and reminiscent of scenes from Cocktail. I'm going to celebrate dressing like an 80s film extra with this summer frock.

The back looks ever prettier:

And here's a close up of the fruity print:

Cute buttons, too. It's just £45 from ASOS.


  1. Love the colours and the style of the straps. And I much prefer the print to the expensive Prada banana.

  2. My worry is the straps might be slippy, but I do love the print. Unfortunately, it'll probably sell out before I can afford it.

  3. Oooh! Got excited at a dress that looked like it wouldn't flash my bum and in a really gorgeous print and then I saw the back. Where does my bra go? :( I'm only a size ten but with substantial boobs, thighs and bum. Getting a summer dress is looking increasingly impossible this year. Linen trousers and skirts for me again.

  4. Anon, I have a nifty thing from Debenhams that attaches to your bra strap and lowers the back:

    Admittedly it's not the sexiest thing to put on (or have someone take off), but it's so classier than bra straps showing all over the place and it's comfy too.

  5. I'm crushing on oliver bonas' pinapple dress at the moment too. Just bought it. Turns out it's a mighty conversation starter for jolly drunk men on the tube. "Well, you've certainly got a theme there!"

  6. Oooh, I think I prefer that one!

  7. im inlove with this dress... i want it... i want it .... i want it :) money please :p


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