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Thursday 26 May 2011

Graham & Green Cleopatra Slipper Chair

I'm fairly sure I fell in love with the name of this chair before I even saw it. The Cleopatra Slipper chair. Isn't that a wonderful name for a chair. Chairs in my house don't have names. The one in my room is 'the place I keep my laundry pile'. I'd much rather say to someone 'oh Darling, just throw that jumper on the Cleopatra Slipper Chair'.

But today I'm playing the 'let's imagine I'm rich and have all sorts of amazing furniture in my townhouse' game. Which is lots of fun indeed. And that means it's absolutely OK for me to covet this piece for velvet-covered loveliness. Even if it's is £850 from Graham & Green. Still, I'd be inclined to put my laundry away instead of leaving it in a piles on my furniture. Probably.


  1. Graham and Green have 15% off EVERYTHING until 31st May!
    Code: H11BH3


  2. I put this in my lust/dream on pile the other night whilst looking for a chair for my dressing room. It's so beautiful One day...


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