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Monday 16 May 2011

Dream Dress: Mango Pocket Dress

I always seem to forget about Mango, even though they're one of the prettiest shops on the high street. But bloggers have been going a bit nuts for them (and they even took our friend Poppy from WIWT to Spain to have a play in their HQ) and I can see why. Their spring and summer collection has got some very pretty pieces indeed.

Not least this slouchy floral dress. It's the kind of dress that you'll wear everywhere. You'll be a bit too dressed up in the pub, but everyone will tell you that you look lovely. You could wear it to a wedding and everyone will tell you that you look lovely. Picnics? Yep. Romantic walks? Yes. Trekking in the mountains? Oh. No. But everywhere else it'll work, I'm sure of it. I'm especially loving the puffy sleeves. I'm also loving that it's only £49.50. And that it's just fallen into my shopping basket.


  1. Ahhh thank you for the shout out! I really love this dress, both in this colour and the blue version. Also, massive fan of being too smart for the pub but everyone saying you look nice...that may in fact be my favourite outfit situation x

  2. Mine too, actually. Although I had to put the dress back because according to Mango, a medium is a 10 and 12 is a large. That's not cool.


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