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Monday 9 May 2011

Cocktail Hour: Jam Doughnut

Not so much a cocktail as a shooter, I was handed this lovely little drink at the start of an evening and it set the tone for the night to come. Sweet, playful and delicious, it's simple to make and goes down a treat. It would make a great start to a dinner party - I keep imagining it at an Alice in Wonderland themed one or something equally silly.

The combination of raspberry liqueur, cream and sugar tastes exactly like a jam doughnut. If you're feeling really wicked, swap the cream for Baileys, although you'll lose some of that authentic doughnut taste.

You will need:

Shot of Chambord
Double cream

Make it!

Moisten the rim of the shot glass and dip it in sugar. Add the Chambord and gently top up with double cream. Drink it without licking your lips

Picture taken from gsz's Flickr photostream


  1. Ooooh I've had this before but it was called a 'Jammy Dodger'. Sometimes I top it up with Baileys instead of double cream. Only when I know I haven't got work the next day though ;)

  2. mmm doughnuts, this sounds good!

  3. This sounds great!!!
    Some yummy recipies:


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