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Friday 6 May 2011

Stamping in rain puddles

Stamps are so much fun. Got a blank envelope? In needs a stamp. Dull file full of important documents? Stamp. Random bit of blank paper on your desk? Stamp stamp stamp.

This rainy day stamp is cute. Not just because of the little brolly (although that's lovely), it's actually the little tiny rain stamp that I really like. You'll be able to change the weather on all sorts of magazine pages. Especially those fashion stories on the beach where the woman looks like she's never sat at a desk in her life. They definitely need some rain.

The stamp set is £10 from the V&A Shop. Warning: people do not think it's cute when you stamp their arms. Strange, huh?


  1. very cute! Not quite as cute as my stamps though ;-)

  2. Such a cute stamp! I love 'em. I find great ones at Cox&Cox x


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