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Wednesday 4 May 2011

Wallpaper Wednesday: Swarovski Elements

I give you fair warning, the Swarovski Elements website is a little 'swish'. Swish in interior design usually means irritating music, pesky sound effects and hyperbolic description. BUT! Alongside all of these things is some damn pretty wallpaper covered in crystals. So just this once, I'll forgive them (sound button is at the bottom right of the page).

Looks like normal stripy paper in a spooky house? It's not. The lighter grey stuff is covered in crystal dust! Actually crystal dust. Want it.

Same goes for this one. Those fancy silver shapes are all dusted in pretty crystals. Nice colours, too.

Instead of crystal dust (fast becoming my new favourite swish term), this paper has little crystals and pearls dotted about the place.

Like these? You can buy it from Fox Linton at the Design Centre at Chelsea Harbour. For £lotsandlots.

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