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Wednesday 4 May 2011

This scribbled isle: World map of the British Isles

One bank holiday down, thankfully there's another just around the corner. Want a bit of travel inspiration? I've got something that's just up your street. In fact it's right up your local town and landmark too. It's called the World map of the British Isles.

It's the work of Angus McArthur and Alison Hardcastle. Angus's job was to think long and hard about specialities, celebrities, sights and facts associated with all the regions of the British Isles; Alison then painstakingly hand-drew these words out onto its outline. The result is captivating - there's so many different pockets to be discovered, it's just hard to know where to begin.

Here's a closer look at a bit of Northern Ireland. You can see a mention of George Best on the right of the image but it's the whiskey, fry and sausages that are really capturing my interest.

Though not a particularly good navigation tool, it's certainly very evocative. Take a look at Scotland and a peek at the Lake District. Any map that references Wings' Mull of Kintyre, Tunnocks Teacakes and the Wicker Man, as well as the more expected tartan and Rob Roy, is good for me - and there's the rest of the UK still to be explored.

So detailed and it's reasonably priced too - Snowhome are currently selling a 60 x 80cm print at an introductory price of £20. That works out at approximately 0.001p (or something) per detail about the UK. It's certain to inspire some bank holiday wondering and wandering.

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  1. Super! Ha ha I wonder what they'd have for my ends... football, traffic and err... that's it?


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