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Thursday 26 May 2011

Sluttish Steal: Cowshed

Let's face it ladies - you're either someone who's happy to spend £15 on hand wash and lotion, or you aren't.

I, as a rule, am not. I think it's frankly insane to spend so much money on hand wash, however delicious, when you could spend it on bath oil, moisturiser, or cocktails.

And yet, in the case of Cowshed, I am as much of a pushover as the offspring of a one-legged chicken and a bouncy castle. The Soho House chain uses the wash and lotion in all its venues and it smells like seductive miracles. My favourite is the Cow Pat lotion - there are many dodgy puns along these lines in the range. There's something citrusy there, but not too much. There's something teasingly oriental there too, but just a bit. The whole thing is like wrapping yourself in a really glorious towel.

Anywho, I mention this because it's on sale at my home away from home, Brand Alley, at the moment, so if you fancy treating your paws to something a bit freaking special, get on it sharpish. It's £11 instead of £16.


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