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Monday 9 May 2011

Clip Art

For the first time in 15 years, my hair is long enough to style. My pixie crop is long gone; my hair now needs something more than a dab of wax to tame it. I dug out the sparkly hair clips I had as a teenager until a friend kindly told me I might like something more grown-up. Fair enough.

My first stop was Wychbury, a shop co-run by my friend Paula who crafts jewellery inspired by nature, gothic design and pagan imagery. These olive and black velvet clips are incredibly detailed - look at the tiny beads! They're £6 from Folksy.

Perfect for summer festivals, Topshop has some big bright flowers for £7.50

Robot invasion hair clips? I, for one, welcome our new adorable robot overlords. £2.49 from Mister Other One.

I'm sorry, I don't care that this is meant for a child - this is too adorable to be wasted on a baby. This owl is only £2.02 from LittlePeaBows.

Now, lady-folk, some questions: how do you stop them sliding out of your hair? And have you spotted any other pretty hair clips lately?


  1. I'm not much good at clips - a bit like jewellery, I never remember to wear them (a consequence of always being late). The first pair are particularly lovely though!

    You have my sympathy for the growing out of a short hair style - the in-between bit's the worst. If only I had resorted to clips I might have fared better :)

  2. Thanks Kate! I've been growing it for six months and I find it's nice for about two days, then hateful for a month. Clips stop the long wayward bits from driving me insane though.

  3. Thanks so much for the mention Sara, I love you - more than bread! The clips are now back in the shop after being sold out earlier, much love px

  4. My hair clips are always wayward so I backcomb my hair a teeny bit beforehand, and then wedge in the pretty ones with Kirby grips. Also, there are some handy Youtube videos on how to jam them in so they don't slide out (I've yet to master this). So, I'll just have to make do with a lovely Wychbury fascinator in the meantime...


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