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Friday 27 May 2011

Present & Correct Crayons

Kat's photos of her in the 80s (complete with My Little Pony), which got me think about other awesome things in the 80s. Few things were as good as wax crayons. I spent hours and hours scribbling drawing masterpieces. Often of houses with little windows, and birds in the sky and a tree with apples in in. I was excellent at childhood masterpieces.

But then you go to school and you have to learn how to 'sketch', with pencils and grey things. Very dull. Drawing fruit in a bowl isn't very enjoyable unless you can make apples purple. So I'm going to buy these vintage wax crayons from Present & Correct (of course, all the good stationery stuff is from them). My apples with be all sorts of exciting colours.

They're £7.95 and I promise not to draw on the walls. Cross my heart and hope to die. Stick a needle in my eye.


  1. I did my final A level art exam piece in wax crayons - got an A. I believe this proves that they rock!

  2. I hold my hand up to buying an Easter colouring book and wax crayons in an attack of nostalgia and spending a very happy evening colouring in a bunny and some chicks. (The bunny was pink obv.)
    All children of the 80's should be allowed to do this. We had it hard. ;)


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